• Training and development for all staff
  • Working with our Customers to meet their expectations and quality requirements, showing pride in our product range
  • Continually developing our range of products with creative and innovative ideas
  • Working towards obtaining purchases from sustainable sources
  • Minimising waste and recycling wherever possible
  • Scheduling delivery runs efficiently to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Certification to BRC Global Standards for Food safety - Grade A.
    BRC food safety accreditation commenced in 1998 and is widely recognised throughout the world with 14,000 certificated suppliers in over 100 countries. White's Bakery have been proud to have held this standard for the 12 years since its inception and holds the top level 'A' grade which is attained following rigorous annual audit, providing customers with assurance of the safety, legality and quality of the products they purchase from White's Bakery.

White's Bakery has been producing delicious baked goods for over 75 years. Find out how our bakery rose above the rest, starting from a librarian’s kitchen in 1934...

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