White’s Bakery was originally founded in Barnsley, in 1934. It all began with a librarian, who had a passion for baking; Elsie White and her husband Albert ran the local library in the Village of Worsbrough Bridge, Barnsley, and Elsie frequently used her free time to bake whilst working in the library. Word, and the delicious smell of Elsie's baking, quickly spread throughout the local community and it soon became apparent to Elsie that there was more to be had baking than there was running a library!

After demand for Elsie’s bread and her delicious variety of confectionery outgrew that for books, the library was eventually converted into a baker's shop and the bookstore at the rear was turned into a full working Barnsley bakery.

As with any bakery at that time, the ovens were coal-fired and all the dough was hand mixed. As demand for White’s Bakery products grew, Elsie and Albert recruited their two sons, Jack and Colin, making the bakery a family business. As business started to boom, plans were drawn to develop and expand the bakery and a shop was purchased on Barnsley Market with Albert delivering the goods on a hand cart.

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