Recently here at White's bakery we have taken part in a photo shoot to change and alter our brand. 

This led to lots of spare products that we hadn't used (we needed back ups in case some products mysteriously disappeared in the process!)

Therefore, instead of throwing away and creating lots of waste we made the decision to donate to an organisation close to our hearts, Barnsley Hospice.

During these different times many organisation such as Barnsley Hospice have struggled for donations and proven a testing time, so we hope our fabulous treats made a difference in the Hospice. 

Simon Atkinson who received the treats said;

'It certainly brought a smile to everyone’s faces! A big Thank You to Georgina from the bakery who handed the delicious treats over to our corporate fundraiser Simon. We appreciate your support of the Hospice'

Georgina White and Simon Atkinson from Barnsley Hospice