White’s Bakery was originally founded by a Librarian with a passion for baking. Elsie White and her husband Albert ran the local library in the Village and Elsie frequently used her free time to bake whilst working in the library.

Transport that White's Bakery used to use


After demand for Elsie’s Bread and the delicious confectionery outgrew that for books, the library was eventually converted into a baker’s shop and the bookstore at the rear was turned into a full working Barnsley Bakery.


At the time, the ovens were coal-fired, and all dough was hand mixed. As the demand grew and grew, Elsie and Albert recruited their two sons, Jack and Colin, making the bakery a family business. 


The Bakery moved to the current site that it now operates from, just on the outside of Barnsley town, this allowed for rapid development. 

Grandad Jack decorating Queen Elizabeth's Coronation Cake


By this time, White’s Bakery had over 100 wholesale customers and employed 70 people within the bakery.


The Bakery became a third generation business.
Jack’s son David White took over the business whom had worked in the bakery since he was 11 years of age, progressing throughout the business and gaining a College education in Baking Technology, Flour Confectionery and Business Management.

Picture of Our Managing Director


White’s Bakery now supply to local authorities, caterers, school, hotels and restaurants in surrounding areas of Barnsley. Also supplied fair trade cookies to Wimbledon.   


The bakery became a fourth-generation family run business!
David’s son, Mathew White has recently taken his position as Bakery manager, who has also helped out at the Bakery most of his life.
A picture of our Bakery Manager